“The Bridge” is a community activist group for the African diaspora.  The mission is to be a voice for African families in all aspects of life. The goal is to empower Africans all over the globe so that they may nurture and strengthen themselves, their families, and their communities.  We are a leading voice for all spiritual, political, social, and economic aspects that affect African Americans in today's society.  Essentially, we are empowering ourselves to think beyond ourselves. 

How we started
The organization was started by four people with a passion and love for our community.  We believe that the African is the backbone of society.  She is the first "Eve."  As a result, the change or transformation in our community must come through her. We realized we could no longer sit by why our society stagnates or deteriorates. 

What we are doing

We are helping the community in the following areas:”
    Healing our Families
    Spiritual Maturation
    Understanding our History
    Establishing Economic Determinism
    Making Education a Priority
    Continuing the tradition of Community


“Who can join?”
The group is primarily of those of African descent; however, anyone with a real passion for our mission may join and, of all ages. The goal is to ensure that those of African descendants are equipped to navigate through life with supernatural success successfully. 

“The Bridge” holds seminars four times a year in various areas (see below for a list). We meet with leaders in the community to ensure that they are following our agenda.  We also highlight an issue or concern in our community that we campaign to either improve the circumstances or raise awareness to a problem.  Our areas of interest are:
    Maintaining a Spiritual Connection with our God
    Rebuilding the Family
    Learning our History from Africa to the Americas, and the rest of the         
    Employment Opportunities
    Re-investment of our Monies in our Community
    Increasing Literacy and High School Graduation Rate
    Supporting Families that are in Distress
    Re-writing our history, to tell the truth
    Providing Learning Centers 
    Igniting Creativity in our Community
    Networking through publications like books, magazines (“The 
    Bridge”), and Youtube and iTunes 

“How can I get involve?”
You can get involved by joining us in our crusade to change our community: one person, one family, and one community at a time.  
Please give us a call 800-806-2448 
Or email us at connecttothebridge@gmail.com

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